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I'm blowing the whistle on issues with in our EMS System and on Two hospital (CHOMP&SVMH)

Our current EMS system is broken at best. I know this because I spent years on the ambulance serving this county I call home and the citizens I call family.

Right now AMR MONTEREY is a detriment to all of us. They're losing employees at a phenomenal rate because they're refusing to allow personnel go part time and also refusing to pay EMTs and MEDICs livable wages. Currently, here in this county, EMTs and MEDICs at AMR make less than or close to poverty wages. Now we didn't go into this field to become rich. We went in to this field because we believe in the "societal contract" and felt a need to proudly serve the community that we love and reside in..However, some of us can no longer afford to live here or work here because of this company's unwillingness to pay a livable wage because of that we cannot attract people or keep people
Especially when someone can drive 40miles north and make 50-90k a year like why would they want to stay here? You see the issue? AMR refuses to not only pay a livable wage, they refuse to keep up stock on necessary medical supplies and medications. We can almost deal with the horrible pay however the lack of needed equipment is what causes people to not apply or to leave (because if that ambulance hits the street without those meds the crew will be at fault and sued) so clearly that's just a few reasons why AMR is a detriment.

Now on to our hospitals
CHOMP and SVMH will provide less than bare minimum health care to people who do not have adequate health insurance. I've personally seen both hospital personal tell people "this is a private hospital. If you can't pay you can't be seen" which has been reported and tossed aside.

These two hospitals are a severe detriment to our community.
They'll send people by ambulance to other hospitals if they do not have adequate insurance. Which spits up families, takes away a much needed ambulance out of our 911 system (that's right! AMR prioritizes Inter-facility transfers over our 911 system. why? Because it's for sure payment.)

AMR SVMH and CHOMP put profits over people day in and day out.

when it comes to community services and public health shouldn't happen.

Please do not go to Svmh or chomp if you have
Medi-cal or anything that's not absolutely amazing.

Svmh is currently going after a local paramedic. This paramedic was significantly under treated by dr Navarro. She refused giving this person a chest X-ray! Even after 4 breathing treatments. She diagnosed them with "bronchitis". The next day this person saw their regular Dr who immediately knew that it wasn't bronchitis. It was walking pneumonia!

Svmh believes their entitled to 4,500 dollars even tho dr Navarro intentionally under treated a local paramedic because he didn't have
Good enough insurance.

Shame on you Svmh
This person can barely afford to put a roof over their family's head and you want to take away money they don't have? His insurance didn't pay you because of the severe lack of treatment I'll never understand why you keep such an incompetent dr on staff who has Multiple marks on their medical license.

Svmh use to be a nonprofit hospital
However in the last 30years they've become for profit. Their board of directors make a sickening amount of money and get off on putting families out in the cold if they can't pay.
They also love to under treat the poor (which is about 60% of our population)

Now AMRs contract is coming to an end with the county and currently CHOMP, SVMH, and Monterey County Regional Fire
are looking to bring a proposal to County EMS. The issue with this is CHOMP and SVMH grossly negligent lower class citizens it's a fact. There's documented proof that they under treat pts who do not have "desirable insurance". Monterey County Regional Fire Department does do a few transports mostly in Carmel valley and on the grade. However their medics do not run as many 911 calls as the current county provider(AMR)
AMRs has a call volume of 35-45 thousand a year. Which has been increasing about 15% annually
I'm not saying MoCoRFD has bad medics. I'm saying they don't have a huge call volume.

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