WANTED 1998 Christina William's murder (Monterey Penninsula)

The top two suspect drawings represent the description of the Christina Williams abductors. About 95% accurate

The bottom two suspect drawings represent the the two abductors in the November 23, 1998 abduction and attempted rape of 16 year Noelani Burleson of Petaluma.

Charles Holifield is being wrongfully charged in the Christina Williams abduction. He had no involvement. He has no idea how his DNA became evidence against him. He now believes he is being "framed".

We strongly believe these sets of drawings are the same individuals in both cases. Look for yourself. The drawings are similar and so is the description of the car they were driving. Please contact Bob Oliver show contact info ) with any information or support in this investigation into the truth of what happened to Christina Williams or why Charles Holifield is being "framed".

June 12th, 1998, Christina Williams, 13, was abducted and murdered in Fort Ord. Two Hispanic suspects living near San Pablo and Judson St. in Seaside, where Ekaterina Scherbakova disappeared three months earlier, were seen with "a frightened Christina Williams in the back seat of their car."

On November 23, 1998, 16-year-old Noelani Burleson was abducted by what appear to be the same two men as in the Christina Williams case. The two men were seen first driving a primer grey car as pictured, and later were known to be driving a similar car that was dark brown in color with bucket seats and a rear seat that had a covering over it. This is the description given by Noelani Burleson who was abducted and escaped from these two men as they attempted to rape her.

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Bob Oliver,
WANTED! Information and opinion regarding Christina Williams murder 1998

Christina Williams was thirteen when abducted by two Hispanic men driving a Ford Granada or Mercury 4 door older car on the evening of June 12, 1998 at about 8 PM.
It was theorized that these men were involved with drug dealing, Mexican Mafia, and sex trafficking. Generally evil. They operated near lower San Pablo and Fremont.
A 'wanted poster' got 1,200 responses in one day. In total, it generate over 3,500 leads. These men were well known in our area, yet never apprehended.
On April 5, 1998, 2 months before Christina's abduction, 13 year old Ekaterina Shcherbakova became missing on her walk down San Pablo to Fremont.
On November 23, 1998, in Petaluma ca., 17 year old Noelani Burleson was abducted by two Hispanic speaking men and car resembling the suspects and car in the Williams case. Christina and Noelani looked alike, they both had Filipino mothers and Anglo fathers. The cars and suspects in both cases appear to be the same. Both girls were the same 'type'. And, the female jogger in the Williams case overheard the heavy set driver say to the pock-faced thin man in the back seat, "Leave her alone, she isn't the 'type' we want'.
The top two sketches are of the men in the Christina Williams Monterey, Seaside, Fort Ord Marina case. The bottom two suspect drawing are from the Petaluma case which occurred 5 months after Christina, and seven months after the disappearance of Ekaterina.
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