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I'm wondering if there are any musicians/writers out there (of any skill level and age) who'd be interested in working in a virtual environment to collaborate on some original (improvisational and structured) compositions?

My idea is to form an ensemble of people who'll shatter the boundaries of amateur vs. pro/young vs. old, to write and record our various ideas through a file sharing process, combining influences (some of mine include Zappa, John Zorn, Radiohead, The Residents, Sigur Ros), styles and instrumentation (including found objects, foley and other sound effects) to produce some cool new music. I see this project as all inclusive, combining everything from bluegrass to electronica and would look to push the boundaries of conventional "song" writing.

I don't think the technical hurdles (formatting, modifying, coordinating version updates) would be too hard to overcome and while it might take a little while to find the right method of exchange and develop a system of communicating, the advantages of this arrangement could be significant, particularly given that it could be done at one's own leisure.'s important to note here that for me, this project is just for fun. I have no agendas or ambitions other than to create some interesting music. I imagine some albums could come out of this if we want, but mostly I see it as an opportunity for us to explore different forms and concepts. I like being inspired and challenged by some like-minded musicians, and after recording alone in my little bedroom studio for so many years, feel that it's time to do this.

I hope you'll contact me if any of this sounds like something that interests you.


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