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I am a master piano tuner and technician. ( )
I live for pianos, they are my life. There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly tuned piano.

I want to make you fall in love with your piano all over again.
Let me show you how amazing your piano can sound.

Right now I am offering a very special deal for new customers. Right now, I will come out and tune your piano to perfection.
While I am tuning your piano, I will also do some voicing on your piano to make sure that the tones are even and smooth.
I will also make sure that everything is working properly.
I will fix any stuck keys and make any adjustments that the piano may need.
I will also perform a full piano inspection on your piano so that you understand everything about your piano.

I will do all this for only $125.

I live for pianos and want to make your piano sound as beautiful as possible.

Call Chris at wys kontakinligting and I will have you falling in love with your piano all over again.

Please make sure you read more about all of our professional piano services at

I have tuned pianos for most of my life and love what I do. I hope you give me the chance to become your piano technician.

Thank you.
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