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The Monterey Music Club is a music studio where local musicians can meet, network and practice with other musicians, beginners and pros, young and old alike. Private Front and Rear Entrances. Secure and Safe. BYOB / Food ok. 8am to 10 pm 7 days a week.

ONE FULL DAY OF PRACTICE - 10 HOURS FOR $50 + plus $1 per person.

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Call wys kontakinligting
Sorry - no texting.

The Monterey Music Club - Music Practice Room - 8am to 10pm everyday

Practice Room Session Band Rates
2 hours - $25
3 hours - $30
4 hours - $40
5 hours - $50
Next 6 to 10 hours free.
Plus $1 per person per session including guests.

Single person use. This is a reduced rate for one person who wants to practice alone regularly.
$6 hour with prepaid Music Club membership of 3mo $25 / 6mo $40 / 1yr $60.

16' x 16' Carpeted, Sound Proofed and Acoustically Treated Practice Room.

The practice room's acoustics are very good. The floor is carpeted, the walls are lined with sheets of insulation and carpeting, inside the walls are 2 layers of carpeting and the ceiling is covered in acoustic tiles. If you haven't seen the room since the acoustic upgrade, bring your drums, guitars and amps and come by and check it out.

Look for .....
Off Street Parking.
Clean Bathroom.
Reception Lobby.
Outside Smoking Area.
Band Room.
On-site equipment lockers.
BYOB/Food ok.
Private Front and Rear Entrances.
Secure and Safe.
In Seaside on Fremont Blvd. Near 7/11 and Food.

Call and check it out. wys kontakinligting
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