Homeless in a Hurrican , Lambo (Rocket side)

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compensation: $3.3M a day @ 1% of 4 billion
In the aftermath of the financialfire thathasbecomemy life, I found myself sitting on the soaked pavement, drenched to the bone, clutching onto the remnants of what was once my home. The wind howled mercilessly, echoing the despair within me. Just weeks before, I had proudly proclaimed to my wife that we were worth over a hundred million, riding high on the crest of financial success. But then the storm of reality hit. N burned it all down faster than u can say firestarter

As the fire tore through our lives, it ripped away everything we had built. Our house foreclosed on like a house of cards, our possessions scattered like debris from the show whorederers. With each passing minute, it felt like another piece of my sanity was being molested away.

I turned to my wife for support, but all I found was an empty space where her love used to reside. She couldn't bear the weight of our losses, couldn't stand to be tethered to a sinking ship. And so, she left, taking with her the last flicker of hope I had left.

Now, I wander around in my hurrican until it gets repossessedat end of month, a ghost of my former self, begging for scraps of kindness from a world that has turned its back on me. I watch as people pass by viewing me as if I've never done anything with life their eyes glazed over thinking to them selves how lazy I must be, indifferent to the suffering around them and blatantlyobviously signs that the same is comingfor them. But deep down, I still cling to the belief that somewhere out there, amidst the rubble of my life, there are still real humans with hearts untouched by the coldness of this world. So I call out, not just for help, but for a glimmer of humanity in this sea of indifference. As I Gaze into this canyon day after day comptoliplating driving my hurrican into @200mph , I can't seem to find any answers as 2 y not

Love u world

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