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Sacred Brothers Circle - Mens Group (Pacific Grove)

Sacred Brotherhood Circle is a safe space where men from all walks of life are invited to grow, heal and share together with unconditional love and support. In our gathering, we intend to open a safe space for emotional, physical and spiritual healing while sharing insights on healthy masculinity and identifying toxic archetypal patterns. We will utilize tools like breathwork, meditation, and heart-based brotherly conversation to facilitate healing.

Participants are invited to step up and be willing to face the subconscious aspects of their being with grace and acceptance. Our intention is to take full responsibility for our lives. We seek to balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and to become aware of subconscious patterns that undermine our growth, unity, and expansion. We are interested to grow unconditional love, support, and gratitude within this circle and for all of life.

If this resonates with you please join us in this free gathering group. Reply to this posting with your name, a little bit about yourself and your interest in the group.

Also, check out our new group on facebook:

A brief intro to what we’re talking about..

The mainstream masculine archetype that many men today are indoctrinated into is one that portrays force, brutality, and prowess. What we might call “hyper masculine” patterns are a dominant force in many of our lives, and understandably so. Heck, these patterns dominate our western society. While these masculine attributes themselves are not inherently bad or wrong, they must be balanced with the ability to be open, soft, and yielding if we want to unify our mind, body, and spirit. These feminine qualities, which in many ways are shamed for men to embody in our western culture today, are indeed real aspects of our human that should not be pushed away if we desire to live truthful, authentic, happy and healthy lives.

In circle we are here to open ourselves up to feminine qualities and restore a divine masculine and divine feminine balance within our being. As a result of this work, we deepen and enrich our relationships with women, other men, and with life as humans on Earth.

This is a safe space to feel emotions. This is a safe space to ask for help. This is a space for support and unconditional love. This is a space to heal relationships with others and ourselves. This is a space for inner work and facing our shadows. This is a space to grow our awareness and embody higher states of consciousness.

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