take it all ! Tomato Cages, Gas Nozzle, Weed Cutter, 2 gal sprayers - $60

OH yeah, I'm homless, but will be by the goodwill drop truck on south Main in Salinas this evening!!!!

$15 each Sprayers: These were returns to a hardware store with complaints they weren't working. Both worked fine once I connected one correctly and took the tag out of the others hose. Never used, sitting in storage, with red spray paint on side, dust etc, seals perfect. I tested morning of Tuesday the 14th.

14 Tomato Cages, $3 ea $40 all
Also New, obviously, but some I think were clipped to open (you would need to eventually anyways))? OK, so I was a proffesional grower for like 15 years, professionally trained, college degree, and grew weed. Ive used these for weed, tomato, and other stuff. Here's what I think: They are good to start bush plants. With weed, prune out all the crap that grows inside the cages and plan on tying up the ends of branches alot of times. Flatten them for vine plants and they work fantastic! I prefer the retractable tomato hooks though TBH attached to a nice metal overhead rod.

Sprinkler: This is one of those "stake-it-in-the-ground", without the stake lol, 1/2" male end needs a 1/2" FPT to 3/4" FHT (regular hose thread) to attach to a hose and move around -- $3

Newish, but OLD Style Gas Nozzle (Plastic, but gutted of stupid anti-spill crap so It works without spilling everywhere now that the anti spill has been removed) - Priceless (or $5 ish)

Weed Cutter - $10 if you want to get a handle or you can clamp this one, cause I still got it (that what she tells me b4 she asks for money)

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