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Grow BIG! Bulk potting soil by the truckload or supersack-tote, inexpensive but of the highest quality. This soil was co-developed by our regional experts and GreenGro Biologicals and incorporates the BEST mix of coco, peat, perlite, organic compost, worm castings, and of course Nature's Pride (aka Pridelands) Veg dry amendments, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizal fungi and wood biochar. If you've ever seen a forest or grassland rebound after a fire then you understand the power of biochar.

This soil is designed to provide MAXIMUM YIELDS. We target a 5%-15% increase to growth and harvest yield over alternative soils. This will perform at/above Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, Salamander, Formula 707, and other top, professional soils -- while saving you money.

It is 100% clean of insect pests, pathogens, heavy metals and pesticides. We use no greenwaste, redwood, farm/human manures, or other cheap (free) fill materials that retard growth rates or carry pathogens, opiods, latent pesticides, lead paint, or other foreign materials commonly found in these input materials.

This soil is suitable for raised beds, greenhouse nurseries, high-value crop production, and other high volume applications.

Priced for bulk delivery (20 cubic yard min, up to 50 cy per truckload) is ~$149 plus freight (depending on volume purchased).

2 cubic yard supersack totes in our Soil Yard run $359. If you're a high volume producer looking for truckload pricing, please call for quotes with freight for direct-to-farm shipments.

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