Saunders Physical Therapy Cervical Traction Device with Deluxe Case - $250 (Pacific Grove)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Saunders
Retails for $350-$400

Brand new, never used. Issued by my Physical Therapist.

Saunders Physical Therapy Cervical Traction Device requires no assembly!
This Saunders Cervical Home traction unit offers up to 50 pounds of force.
Operates from the supine position.
It has 3 different setting angles to choose from.
This Saunders traction equipment includes a gauge for accurate force readings.
Deluxe travel carrying case is included.
Cervical traction is a therapy that is used to treat neck pain. The goal of this therapy is to stretch the muscles and soft tissues in the neck. This is achieved by gently pulling on the head while the individual is lying down. The goal of cervical traction is to relieve pain, muscle tension, and stiffness in the neck. Cervical traction feels simple to perform and usually, it works effectively to provide pain relief. People who benefit most from cervical traction typically notice an instantaneous change in neck pain after only a few treatments. Some of the most common positives include a reduction of discomfort, a reduced amount of stiffness, and a minimized amount of muscle tension.

Neck Traction for home use: safe and effective
Scientific evidence has proven the Saunders Cervical Traction unit to be more effective than surgery for some patients.
Traction forces are directed at the back of the head to relieve pressure on the TMJ.
A user-friendly pressure gauge allows you to control the operation of the device at all times
The blow-off valve controls the amount of pressure that can be applied
The Saunders Cervical Traction Device provides effective therapy
An affordable medical option for continuous care
The equipment's innovative design mirrors medical practice and enhances consistency in treatment methods
The doctor can select the best treatment strategy for the patient using various available methods
An extremely safe pneumatic system is used to ensure precise force distribution
Saunders Neck Traction is easy to operate
A therapy method that substantially improves patient evaluation and patient satisfaction.
The self-adjusting neck wedges in the Saunders Cervical Home Traction ensure a snug fit.
The pump's design incorporates a "click in place" mechanism.
Setting up a home recovery system can be performed without a lot of additional help through a straightforward setup process
What are the advantages of using a Saunders cervical traction device?
Cervical traction devices are neck supports that are used to apply traction to the cervical spine. There are many different types of cervical traction devices, but the Saunders cervical traction device is one of the most popular. The Saunders cervical traction device is a simple, lightweight device that can be easily adjusted to provide the desired amount of traction. The device works by gently pulling on the head and neck, which helps to decompress the discs and vertebrae. There are many advantages to using this device, including the fact that it is easy to use, it is comfortable, and it is affordable. Additionally, the Saunders cervical traction device is clinically proven to be effective in treating neck pain.
How should you use the Saunders Cervical Traction Unit?
1. Set it on top of a carpeted or flat surface. Check to ensure the bottom of the unit does not pinch the air hose. Make sure you have sufficient room to lie down comfortably.
2. Separate the wedges by rotating one knob on each wedge so the Saunders Cervical Traction device's neck strap fits between the wedges. You may need to adjust the strap's settings after you lie down on the device. Note: Over-rotating adjustment knobs can cause serious damage to the internal gear.
3. Loosen the adjustable head strap.
4. Ensure the device is in the proper starting position - the headrest should be touching the base. If not, turn the thrust arms to the Release position.
5. Use your healthcare provider's recommendation to set the Saunders Cervical Traction profile by turning the angles on both sides of the Angle Adjuster, and then pressing until it locks into place.
6. Position the pump where you can easily reach it during treatment.
7. Set a timer for the length of treatment. You are ready to use the Saunders Cervical Traction device now.
Angle Adjuster Positions:.
Top = 15 degrees. Middle = 20 degrees. Bottom = 25 degrees.
Note: If your healthcare provider does not include the angle of measurement, keep the Angle Adjuster in its top position..
Applying Traction with Saunders Cervical Home Traction Device
1. Lie on your back, positioning your body so the neck wedge cradles the middle of your neck or your preferred headstone and your head nestles on the headrest. The neck wedges should rest between the tips of your ears and your shoulders.
2. Turn on the knobs on either of the adjusting poles until the front edges have firmly pressed against both sides of the neck.
3. As you settle into this position, the neck blocks may occasionally self-adjust to accommodate your body's contour. You may also manually rotate the blocks as required to establish a stable fit.
4. Secure a strap just above your brow line to keep your head back. The strap should fasten securely.
5. Use the pump to apply traction.
What does the Saunders Traction Device include?
Saunders Cervical Hand Pump
Angle Adjuster
Headstrap and Pads
Portable Carrying Case
User’s Manual

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