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compensation: 8-20 cents for every 90 second song clip you listen to and write a short review for.
music Reviewer - Pays by the Song - No Experience Needed

compensation: 8-20 cents for every 90 second song clip you listen to and write a short review for. Artist use Slicethepie to get feedback on their music. Being honest and descriptive will best provide the artist with the information they need to improve their work.

Giving descriptive feedback that touches on the elements of the song will result in higher payments for the given feedback. Here are some of the elements that make up a song that you will want to consider when you are doing s a music review for Slicethepie.

Intro - The instrumental section in the beginning of the song.
Vocals - The tones or register in the voice.
Lyrics - The meaning or words of the song.
Pitch - Higher and lower tones and sounds in the vocals.
Tempo - Speed or pace of a song.
Melody - Sequence of the tones that make up a phrase in a song.
Harmony - The use of various pitches, tones, or cords.
Length - Most commercial songs last around 3-4 minutes long.
Hook - A short phrase or passage to make the song appealing. A good example of this in a song is the one by Destiny's Child "Say My Name". Other examples are Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", Carly Ray Jepsen "Call Me Maybe", John Legend's "Tonight".
Many great songs have memorable hooks or earworms.

It is important to keep these elements in mind when you are doing a review and mention as many as possible, especially if they stand out to you in each song that you review. If the song is good but is recorded badly mention that. Many of the artist using Slicethepie are new to the music industry and do not have access to expensive recording equipment.

It is recommended that you start typing your review as soon as you hear the introduction of the song, you can comment on that and go on to the other features of the song itself. Was there a part of the song that stood out to you? Was it memorable? What was your general feeling of the song? Would it be something that you would actually listen to? If so, you could include this in the ending or summary of your review.

When you first start leaving you reviews you may get .5-.10 cents per a review. If that happens try to comment on more elements of the song along with the recording quality of the song and any feelings you have about the song. As time goes on and you get familiar with the site and leave well rounded reviews you will earn up to .20 Cents a song. Try to finish your reviews in a under two minutes so you can move on to another review. No need to spend a lot of time writing a magazine quality review. The owner of the song will be reading your reviews to help them improve their work.

Go to the link below, sign up, and start earning today! You can cash out once you have $10.00 in your account. If you touch on all the elements of the song and keep your reviews to between 90 seconds and 2 minutes you can easily make $10 an hour.

Happy Listening!
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