Warhammer 40k Orks army approx 2000+ pts - $450 (Santa Cruz)

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condition: excellent

I am selling my Warhammer 40k Orks army. Only a portion of the army is painted, and some are still in their boxes/blisters, because I never got around to painting them, but this is because I have taken my time to paint everything that I have extremely carefully. My vision was that each model be given complete attention to every detail, making the army to look immaculate, but alas I never found to time to finish everything, some of them only having the green skin painted and some only primed. I have maintained them in excellent condition for years. I have 61 pictures of the army, so I'll post what I can here, but I'm happy to send more by request. please email me if you are interested.

Here is everything included in the army (yes, I'm throwing in paint and storage boxes as well)

101 boyz
- 57 = Choppa + Slugga (10 primed, 7 partially painted, 8 completed)
-18 are AoBR
- 32 = Unequipped (can become any kind of boy, sluggas or shootas, (no arms yet, but have all the bits for them))
- 12 = Stikk Bommaz (still in box, unopened)
Eavy Weaponz
- 5x Big Shootaz (3 assembled)
-2 are AoBR
- 3x Rokkit Launchaz (1 assembled)
-Bitz to make 2 more big shootaz and 2 more rokkit launchas)
- 4x burna boyz
- Bitz to make 8 more burna boyz
1x Ork Slaver (still in blister pack)
- 5x kommandoz (in pack unopened)
- 1x Kommando w/ Burna
- 1x Kommando w/ Big Shoota
9x Ork Tank Bustaz
- Completely Kustomized

Warbosses (4x)
- Warboss w/ twin-linked Shoota and 'Uge Choppa (extremely well painted)
- Warboss w/ Skorcha/burna+shoota kombi weapon and attack squig
- Warboss w/ Slugga and Power Klaw (from AoBR)
Nobz (19x)
- 5x Slugga/Choppa (from AoBR)
- 5x Ork Nob Pack
- Includes 1x power klaw, 1x wagh banner, 2x shootas, all with boss poles)
- 5x Ork Nob Pack (same as above but unopened in box)
- 4x Nobz in Power Armor (1x shoota, 1x rokkit/shoota kombi, 2x burna/shoota kombi)
Mekboyz (6x)
- 2x Big Meks
- 1x with Shokk Attack Gun
- 1x with Kustom Force Field
- 2x Mekboyz with Kustom Mega Blastaz
- 2x normal Mekboyz

Fast Attack:
Stormboyz 15x
Warbikes 10x
- 9x Customized Unique Warbikes
- 1x Warbike Nob (also custom)
4x Wartrakks (details to come soon, so far 2x skorchas, 1x Rokkit Launcha, 1x battering ram)
3x Deff Koptaz (from AoBR)

Heavy Support:
1x Deff Dread
Killa Kanz (3x)
- 1x rokkit launcha, 1x Big Shoota, 1x Skorcha
Big Gunz (6x)
- 2x Kannons
- 1x Lobba
- 3x Zapp Guns
8x Lootaz (with special loota gunz)

4th Edition Rulebook
2x Ork Codexs (1st and 2nd editions)
Armageddon Codex
2005-2006 Catalog (good reference for painting ideas)

- Ammo Runt
- Killa Kan bitz
- rokkit Launchas
- Stikk Bombaz bitz
- Tons of Arms and Legs

- Lots of Ork color paints (all games workshop)
- Large bases of various sizes (for kanz and deff dreadz)
- Ork Decals (rare)
- Modeling Flock (ground for bases)
- Modeling Grass

- Directional Dice
- Ordinance and Flame Templates
- Terrain: Cover Barrier
- Storage Boxes
- Storage materials (Bubble Wrap and Foam)
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