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lost wallet Almaden plaza on 11/16/14 (San jose)

We get just one chance to do this right

It takes a lot of war to kill a nation

Pipeline to death

So companies can be irresponsible, and if Ebola kills you, too bad


Last letter from a dying vet to two war criminals


Understanding what's happened to America

And while we pretend to care about our Vets this day

A general speaks

Why am I so angry?

And now the destruction begins

There was a time when there weren't parrots on public radio

Go ahead, gas those Salinas children---for a decade already

A gift to dumb Americans from the turtle family

Well, well, well...

Clearly they look like candy to kids

A gift from the most corrupt supreme court ever

From San Francisco to Santa Cruz to Monterey, bashing the homeless

The most ignorant people on earth

What Ebola?

Was it worth it?

This woman is not the brightest bulb

Just think, this is what's filling up our country

Compare Arnold to the very rich, selfish ones around here

Do you really think that's food you're putting in your mouth?

No, the answer is much simpler: Genetically-modified foods.

Heil Hitler!

The Koch Brothers and their many billions win!

Eventually we will lose everything that's amazing

Time to shut them all down, before it's too late

Another sad day

All is not well after surviving Ebola

Money to burn, while the poor struggle to pay rent, or go homeless

Maybe saving what's wild is more important than money

Universities, too, are just all about money

It's all about making money for drug companies

It's all about Me, Me, Me

I win, you lose.

Since the mass influx of children from Central America....

You're not gonna tell ME what to do. Shall I smile for the cameras?

Get ready for the flood

WELL worth listening to

The kind of nurse you don't want to send to West Africa

Death and contamination numbers are double what's being reported

Gutting the poor

Guess we're too busy making war

No surprise: It was the Propofal

How the Catholic church helped it all start

Of course

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re:I Stand Corrected (berkeley) (berkeley)

One, two, three and you're out!

So True..... (oakland downtown) pic

********Congressional Speech*****

I Stand Corrected (berkeley) map

See It

Dear Aliens, (Planet Earth) pic map

Thinking about a nice big SUV? (USF / panhandle)

We're almost there

One step at a time....it's just a matter of time

One Theory On the Origin of the Word "Turkey" as an Epithet (Blame Flop Movies at Thanksgiving )

Idiot = Actually, the stupid ones are all you Republicans who (belmont)

Interesting Obama Statistic

Don't be so mean to Dear Aliens

Actually, the stupid ones are all you Republicans who

Why don't they burn white businesses? map

Thank you map

Dear Aliens: Get a Life! - What William Shatner Would Say to You! (Are You a Spammer On Your Planet Too? )

Pirate Radio

Lost coat and keys (Recorder's office)

Dear Aliens, (Planet Earth) pic map

re: Tea party has higher drug consumption

So It's OK to Attack a Police Officer (bay area)

Tea party has higher drug consumption pic

Tea party has higher science comprehension

re; Neil DeGrasse Tyson calls for unrest in Ferguson

Why Pople Was Shot Daed <MISSION AERA last night pic map

I'm so sorry that you must go through life so dumb

Neil DeGrasse Tyson calls for unrest in Ferguson (berkeley)


Debunked: No wonder Republicans seem so dumb and scared (san rafael)

Listen! I've got the best story ever!

No wonder Republicans seem so dumb and scared

Ferguson map

African Americans are failing

A Martian might wonder... (berkeley)

National Mind Control Program

Creative In Justice (downtown / civic / van ness) pic map

Jail For The Commie & Anarchist Riot Punks..

Doors Beginning of the End song for the corrupt lying Obamacrats! (Enough of these oppressive fools..)

The biggest disappointment? Our scientists.

Because of our ignorance, we're almost there

No wonder we have Ebola among us

One of them will get us

!!!!!!!PLEA FOR HELP!!!!!!!! map

Pacifica Free Thinkers (pacifica) map

Help us win the war on black boys (Vote Tea Party Republican) pic

Oscar Grant, Travon Martin, Michael Brown (berkeley) pic

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