GREAT MUSHROOM COMPOST - Why it is Sooooo Great! (MB) (S. Bay - Monterey, Santa Cruz - Fremont)

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There are many types of compost available. They are NOT all the same. Different producers use differing processes and differing mixes of vegetative materials and additives. Some use chemicals and apply heat to accelerate decomposition. If you buy compost in the bag, check the ingredients, if you can. Generally, the make-up of the compost is not even listed - there are no labeling requirements for compost, top soil, soil mixes, etc. Even if they are listed, notice that the ingredients are not specific -- because the manufacturer uses whatever is available.

- Great Mushroom Compost is organic. The farms are certified by CCOF.
- Great Mushroom Compost is consistent from load to load - you will always know what you are getting; a consistent, well-aged mix of hay, horse manure, peat moss, and coffee grounds/cotton seed hulls
- Great Mushroom Compost is well composted. It looks like dirt and, when held close to your nose, smells like dirt; it does not stink.
- Great Mushroom compost persists in the soil, unlike most other composts, due to its high humus content

"Compost" that stinks, or looks like little bits of ground-up grass, straw, leafs, wood chips, etc. is NOT compost, it is un-decomposed material. Such material is not good for your plants or your soil. If there is vermiculite, perlite, sand, etc. in your "compost", those are fillers that you should not be paying for.

Contact me and I will send you details on what makes for good, quality compost, how to use it, why it is so vital to your garden, and how to get off to a great start if you are new to gardening or starting a new garden.

One yard is enough for a three inch layer covering an area roughly 10 feet x 10 feet. This layer should be tilled into the top six inches of soil

One yard delivered to your driveway in the Morgan Hill or Gilroy area - 54.00. Two yards - 74.00. Add 30.00 per yard for each extra yard up to seven yards total for a maximum load.

San Jose, Hollister, Aromas, Salinas, Watsonville Areas - 74.00 for one yard and 104.00 for two yards. Add 30.00 per yard for each extra yard up to seven yards for a maximum load.

Fremont/Livermore, Monterey, Los Altos, Santa Cruz AREAS - 88.00 for one yard and 108.00 for two yards. Add 30.00 per yard for each extra yard up to seven yards for a maximum load.

Call regarding larger orders.

I will gladly deliver a split delivery between close neighbors at no extra charge.

E-mail me, text or call me. If you call and have to leave a message, please, please repeat your name and phone number. See all of my contact information by clicking on the "contact" button at the top left of this post.


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