Occupy Political Poetry - The status quo of denial.

A secret society of rich people with superiority complexes? Hollywood putting effort into solidifying that conspiracy == crazy? Our government engaging in secrets and nefarious manipulation? A comfort addicted population so deceived by the power of information it can only survive like a battered wife, subconsciously terrified of uncertainty? Is the truth really something like that? Anything that can happen will happen, and what we are supplied with is what people will take.

Whatever the truth is, it's obvious that deception is being used to accomplish things which pervert the goodness of our situation of civilization. Public gatherings that peacefully demonstrate free speech and legitimate dissent are expertly sabotaged as agents are inserted to provide violence. If a movement threatens to shed light on better solutions, agents are inserted to participate and seduce unproductive directions.

Their strategy is to "lead the opposition", and it works better than anything for the simple reason that deception isn't clearly thwarted by honesty. It takes effort and difficulty to build a sand castle, but it's so easy to knock one down. This deception is our enemy, not each other. We have to unite and stay focused on this mission we know for sure, taking back our government and allowing our progress for a sustainable situation given our limited planet.

But few people want to ruin their illusion of a perfect world in that burden of seeing things for the abusive addictions they are.

The danger we are neck deep in exists for people as a concept, without any immediate feeling of actually being threatened. We have to put mind over matter and realize that our mission for a greater evolution, to save humanity, is present, treacherous, and more important than anything else. We have to fight this deception which is driving for us, and in order to have enough power to defeat this we have to unite, all of us, and not give up, seriously. We have to care, because they don't.

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