RARE...1895 BECHSTEIN Semi Concert Grand Piano - $28880 (Morgan Hill)

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condition: antique

88 keys / ivory
Modern action

Price based on appraisal of 6aug14

In reference to your inquiry regarding your Bechstein Semi Concert Grand Piano, Ebony finish, measuring 223cm - 7'4". (L = 84"; W = 63"; H = 39"). Bearing serial number 37810, manufactured in 1895, stamped with 1895 as year of manufacture. This piano is an antique. Antiques appreciate in value for reasons of artistic merit, age, and craftsmanship. This instrument is in fair to good condition. It has a modern action, 88 keys; finish has a chip, 2 white keys have loose tops.It has been inspected, repaired as necessary with replacement of worn or deteriorated parts, reassembled to the tolerances of a new piano. Being well over 100 years old, it would have to have some detailed work on the musical mechanism to produce its best quality of music. Any good piano of this age may need some reconditioning, but any reconditioning costs should be added from the value.  Meticulously maintained in a climate controlled residential environment. When tuned the value is $28,880.00. Based on the age, grade,  condition, size, and rarity of this piano. This refers to the price that you would need to pay to buy the nearest equivalent to your piano. This is the actual value of your piano as it stands in your living room. This is the amount you want to insure your piano for in case of loss or damage. The amount an insurance company would pay for replacement in case of loss. If there is not a sed  equivalent, then usually the replacement value is based upon what it would cost to find a used piano that is similar and have it remanufactured to like-new condition.Appearing on famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the concert world. Designed for performance. It's a wonderfully balanced and versatile piano that does extremely well in intimate settings. It is intended to be used for demanding individual pianists, higher music schools, and concerts. As in all sales, supply and demand will affect the price you can reasonably ask for your piano. The price you sell it for  greatly depends on the condition and market conditions in your area. BECHSTEIN, C., Est. 1853, by . Carl died in 1900 and his sons Johann, Carl and Edwin took control. In the 1930's Carl's sons passed away, the company was owned by Helene Bechstein and run by Karl Bechstein. Now made by C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG, Kantstrasse 17, 10623 Berlin, Fed. Rep. of Germany. Baldwin acquired controlling stock in 1963 and the remaining shares in 1974. Sold to Karl Schulze in 1986. In 1991 the Bechstein Group was formed with the lines C. Bechstein, Zimmerman, and W. Hoffmann. In December of 2002.These rare and beautiful antique instruments were built from about 1870 until about 1910. Although they were manufactured for around 40 years, relatively few were actually built and they are quite rare today. Bechstein grand pianos were usually handmade by craftsmen and artisans who paid careful attention to every detail. The cabinets of these pianos were usually made of heavily carved rare and exotic wood. Their musical capabilities were enormous and could be quite intimidating and unknown to the average pianist of the era. Most of these instruments were built for use in concert halls, elite hotels, and fine restaurants where their volume and powerful presence was needed. Only the finest private homes could afford to accommodate such a striking and expensive instrument.Bechstein Grand Pianos ranged from 5ft (152cm) up to around 7ft (214cm). Earlier Victorian grand pianos were generally classified in three categories: boudoir,  parlor grand and concert grand. The smaller of these categories was the boudoir pianos about 5ft, parlor grand, which rarely measured less than 6 feet in length. After a piano reached about 7'4" in length, it was generally considered to be a semi concert grand because of its enormous size and volume. The largest of these instruments could reach up to 9 feet in length, a size that has stayed consistent for large concert grands for the past 150 years. In fact, the Victorian grand piano is amazingly similar to today's modern instrument in many ways. Most of the patents and designs developed for piano manufacturing were perfected in the 19th century and are still being widely used today! Although improvements continued as the instrument evolved, the grand piano reached certain perfection over a century ago. The appraisal values are stated in U.S. Dollars and are based on market values from several sources. Based on comparisons of pianos of this age, condition and nature offered for sale in newspapers and the internet by private parties, music stores, auction houses, and piano teachers.  These values are certified through research in Directories of the Music Industry such as, The Presto Piano Buyers Guide, The Pierce Musical Instrument Atlas, The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments and The Bluebook of Pianos, and the Piano Times Newspaper. Our appraisals strictly adhere to the Ethics and guidelines of The International Society of Appraisers and the Appraisers Association of America, Inc. All of our appraisals follow the mandates of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, 2014.

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